March 31, 2020

Check out a new tire stacker video

See Frendix tire stacker in action on our new video. The stacker makes your tire warehouse operations fast and safe without manual handling of the tire sets.

You can find more tire storage related videos on our YouTube channel and you can now follow us on Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook.

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March 16, 2020

Successful launch at Modex, Atlanta

Last week’s Modex fair in Atlanta is now behind and Frendix returns to Finland with a positive attitude. There were a lot of interest regarding the tire storage with a good amount of potential customers. The Modex scene has inspired some future development ideas and Frendix is more than ready to start the tire storage business in the USA alongside the Innolift.

On the left is Frendix and on the right is Frendix USA.

March 3, 2020

Frendix Tire Storage – Tire Racks

The video presents a Frendix TireStorage with fixed racks that go up to seven levels. Fixed and vertical racks are an affordable investment for new tires and the high rack levels get the most out of the presented storage space .

Read more info:


TireManager, warehouse management program

February 18, 2020

USA premiere for Frendix TireStorage systems at Modex 2020

On March 9-12 Frendix will launch Frendix TireStorage systems for the USA market and it will be the first time presenting the TireStorage products at the Modex fair. Modex will have over 900 exhibits with many participants from all over the world focusing on manufacturing and supply chain solutions and insights.

Frendix will be presenting at booth #6185.

December 19, 2019

Frendix wishes Happy Christmas!

Frendix will be on a Christmas holiday from 23rd till 29th of December and returns on 30th of December. 

November 27, 2019

Frendix Japan exhibiting at Tokyo Big Site

Frendix Japan 🇯🇵 at the Tokyo Big Site now presenting the Innolift at New Creation Exhibition. The exhibition features around 380 small and miz-sized companies.

Frendix Japan

New Value Creation Exhibition, Tokyo Big Site 

November 27, 2019

New Innolift model premiere

New Innolift models: IL1000 and IXL800 premiered at Translogistica 5-7.11.2019 in Poland. Representing at the booth were Frendix head office form Finland and Frendix Poland Silar and also WM System.

Frendix Poland Silar


October 17, 2019

Innolift at an exhibition in France

Habrial, France was at an exhibition last week at SEPEM ANGERS 2019 presenting the Innolift among other things. The event had almost 600 exhibitors and 6000 visitors.

Innolift France:

Habrial France:


October 11, 2019

Frendix in Belgium

Frendix  and Mabo got acquainted with Automated guided vehicles in Belgium this week.

October 3, 2019

The first Frendix tire storage in Japan

Frendix Oy delivered a tire storage that can hold almost 19 000 tires, for IA. The delivery was on schedule and the storage is the first Frendix TireStorage in Japan. The customer was very pleased with the new logistics solution that made their operations significantly more efficient and ergonomic.

The first Frendix TireStorage in Japan.

On the left IA, in the middle Frendix Oy and on the right Frendix Japan.

October 3, 2019

Frendix Japan presenting Innolifts, tire racks and tire stackers

Frendix Japan presenting Innolifts, tire racks and tire stackers at one of the largest convention centers of Japan at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo. They are presenting the products at the Beegle Exhibition (truck show).

Frendix Japan:

Makuhari Messe:


Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, 2019

August 20, 2019

Kemas Oy uses Innolift to load heavy loads on a van

After ten years, the Finnish family-owned company Kemas Oy purchased another Innolift selfloader to make loading easier and faster. Frendix Oy delivered the Innolift to Kemas Oy’s office and Janne Petäjistö, the Purchasing Manager at Kemas Oy, says he is pleased with the use and durability of Innolift.

Kemas Oy is involved in mechanical maintenance and servicing for process and power plant industries. The business idea is essentially about flexible, efficient and high-quality deliveries. Kemas Oys goal is to create a trusted position in the partner companies and to be a company that really cares about the success and the end product of their customer.

You can find Kemas Oy from:  

Check out and pick the right Innolift for you from:


On the left is Janne Petäjistö from Kemas Oy and on the right is Joni Poutiainen from Frendix.

July 9, 2019

Frendix Sales Meeting

The Frendix Sales Meeting, held for the first time from July 4th to July 7th, 2019, is now behind us and the atmosphere is great. The event was organized at Frendix Head Office in Järvenpää, Finland and at the event seven new products were launched for the international market.

Frendix Oy invited its international salesmen to the meeting and over 30 guests from 20 countries from the USA, Japan, Israel and from many European countries arrived.

We thank our guests for traveling to Finland to meet us, it was wonderful to meet you all! Thank you all for great conversations and ideas, you are more than welcome to visit us again.

You can find all our sales offices from our website.

April 12, 2019

Frendix USA and the Innolift at ProMat 2019

Frendix USA introduced the Innolift at a four-day exhibition in Chicago, where over 45,000 visitors arrived on the first day. The Innolift received a lot of positive feedback with interests in direct sales and distribution. 

Frendix USA, ProMat 2019

March 26, 2019

Frendix Japan visiting in sunny March

Frendix Japan came for a visit to Finland, Järvenpää to see what is currently happening in Frendix. During the visit we introduced, among other things, the updated tire storage system of which we previously released a small preview video. At the end of the sunny March, the visitors left with an Innolift order for 26 pieces.

February 21, 2019

Updated tire storage system

Come visit us in Järvenpää, Finland! We are happy to tell you more about our updated tire storage system. 

You can take a peak at the tire storage system here or watch it from our YouTube Channel:

February 1, 2019

Frendix hard at work!

Our crew is growing in numbers and we recently manufactured one of the largest warehouses in Finland.

Keep an eye on us because soon we are adding a Tire Tread Depth Scanner to our HMS warehouse management program. The scanner will truly revolutionize your data acquisition.

August 23, 2018

Frendix at IAA fair in Hannover

Frendix’s German representatives received aids from Finland for the 2018 “IAA Driving Tomorrow” fair. There were many people at the Frendix stand throughout the fair. Representatives from small and big companies were fascinated by Innolift. The number of direct sales was record high. The stand was very impressive. Special thanks to the German sales office!

August 7, 2018

Frendix Germany moved to new premises in Hamburg

Frendix’s international sales network expands and develops. New offices will be opened and existing offices will be expanded and developed. The German office moved to the new bigger premises in Hamburg.

Frendix is present at the Hannover Fair from 20 to 27 September

INNOLIFT in use, Italy

Demonstration day starts in Japan

Exhibition photos from Chile

Portuguese end-user photo

INNOLIFT demonstration in Italy

Portuguese Logistic Magazine, October issue

India Warehousing and logistic exhibition 2016, Bombay

IAA 2016, Hannover, Germany

IMHX 2016, Birmingham, UK

INNOLIFT demonstration in Málaga, Spain

6th Materials Handling & Logistics Exhibition from South-Korea

Portuguese logistic Exhibition, Lisbon 2016

New office building for Innolift UK

Slovenian INNOLIFT end-user photo

Logistic and Cargo Exhibition , 2016

Dear Members,

Logistics and Cargo exhibition will be held between 5th – 7th of May.
More than welcome to meet there!

Mid. American Trucking Show, Louisville, Kentucky 2016

INNOLIFT, City logistics

Tokyo Exhibition, 2016

Swedish Auto Globen, Stockholm 2016

INNOLIFT, Tokyo Downtown

INNOLIFT IXL500.1250, unloading from platform van 2016


イノリフトの活用事例です!パレット積みした荷物を1.5tトラックで運搬・納品しました。今回降ろした荷物の総重量は約150kgです。この荷姿だったらリフトで降ろしてくれないと泣けてきますよね。見ての通り、"楽"です。■product specINNOLIFT A500/1200Power:BatteryCapacity:500kgLoad height:1100mmOwn weight:204kgお問い合わせは下記へどうぞ!please contact by e-mail.株式会社HIR■関東ショールーム 東京都足立区谷中3-7-12 TEL : 03-5849-3230 FAX : 03-5849-3210 担当 阿部■中部エリア 愛知県知多郡東浦町緒川八郎兵衛17-7 TEL : 0562-82-0030 FAX : 0562-82-0031 担当 水野

Julkaissut Innolift イノリフト Lauantaina 2. huhtikuuta 2016

Slovenian Motorway billboard

INNOLIFT is in the Japanese TRUCK magazine

New Frendix car and trailer from Sweden

INNOLIFT reseller in Japan

Japanese Agriculture Exhibition 2015

Exhibition Photos from Tehran, Iran

Komenda 2015 Exhibition, Slovenia

Frendix Sweden, Media advertisement

Logistic and transportation exhibition 2015 Helsinki

Slovenian Volan TV show presents INNOLIFT with Ford Transit. The video is now available with english subtitles at Frendix filebank and on YouTube

CV Exhibition 2015, UK


INNOLIFT FAQ document in .pdf and editrable .docx files are available at our filebank

Logistics and Transportation Exhibition 2015, Helsinki

Dear Members,
Welcome to the Transport and Logistic 2015 Exhibition in Helsinki stand 3e23. Exhibition starts at 8:30, 11.6.2015 to 17:00 13.5.2015.
Visit to the exhibition for further information about our products.
For further information about the exhibition please click the link below:…/Logistii…/en/Pages/default.aspx

Transport & Logistic Exhibition 2015, München, Germany

A new INNOLIFT demonstration video is available in 1080p

The Commercial Vehicle Show 2015 Exhibition, Birmingham

Welcome to the Commercial Vehicle Show 2015 Exhibition in Birmingham.
INNOLIFT UK represents NNOLIFT at stand 3F101.
Exhibition starts at 8:30, 14.4.2015 to 17:30 16.4.2015.
Visit to the exhibition for further information about our products

New INNOLIFT demonstration video is available at file bank

Transporter Tage Exhibition in Berlin

Welcome to Transporter Tage Berlin 2015 Exhibition at Berlin ExpoCenter. INNOLIFT Germany will represent all of the INNOLIFT product range at Halle A / Stand A119. Exhibition starts at 10:00, 12.3.2015 to 18:00 15.3.2015.Visit to the exhibition for further information about our products.