All You Need for Your Tire Storage

Finnish design

Over 20 years of experience with tire storages enable us to offer custom-build ang highly perfected solutions.

Our solutions bring efficiency, safety and reliability to our customers’ tire storage. 


We always offer the most viable and cost effective storage solutions according the needs of the customers.

All the elements fit perfectly together and are easily modified.

Our operations

  1. Determining the requirements for the tire storage
  2. Selection of tire racks
  3. Selection of tire stackers and tire accessories
  4. Setting up TireManager – a tire warehouse management software

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Tire racks, Tire stackers &
Tire warehouse management software

With over 20 years of experiencewith  tire storages, Frendix always offers the most efficient and cost effective storage solution. The determination of a tire warehouse involves examining the storage space, the size of the tires to be stored, and the customer’s needs for operating the warehouse.

Frendix stackers work seamlessly with Frendix tire racks, providing our customers with unprecedented reliability.

Tire hotel operations differ significantly from other types of storaging. Seasonal shifts are likely to cause confusion even the best storage solutions, and when in a hurry, tires will be misplaced or missed if the management system is not mobile and easy to use.

Check out the Frendix TireManager – a tire warehouse management software from here.


Versatile racks

Best return

Get the most out of your storage space cost effectively.

Use TireManager to place your tires optimally.


All storage elements are CE approved.

Handle your tires quickly and safely without any need to touch them by hand.


All Frendix elements are adaptable and fit perfectly together.


Fixed racks


Manually movable racks

Automatic logic-controlled tire storage with movable racking system

From the touch screen you can control the racks and read information about them that helps you to anticipate maintenance work.


Increase productivity of your storage bystoring more tires in the same space.

The electrical system enables longer and higher racks.


The selcted rack aisle opens automatically at the right place.

The electrical system reduces manual work and working hours.


The predermined acceleration and braking paces for the racks ensure that the tires never fall off.

A light curtain and an emergency stop switch prevent accidents.

Racks for every need

The determination of a tire warehouse involves examining the storage space, the size of the tires stored, and the customer’s needs for operating the warehouse.

Depending on the starting criteria, we always offer our customers the most efficient storage solution.

Fixed racks

Movable racks


Electrically movable racks

Fixed combi racks

Tire stackers and tire trucks for all purposes

Tire stackers and trucks work smoothly with all Frendix storage solutions and are manufactured in Finland with care.

Frendix stackers are designed primarily to withstand heavy use and are always selected to match the warehouse in which they are operated. Larger warehouses use a traction motor with a slightly larger turning radius, and tall warehouses use a camera to see exactly where the forks should be placed.

For all tire storages:

  • Warehouses with high racks
  • Warehouses with long dictances
  • For narrow rack aisles

The main types of tire stackers




Technical data

Tire Accessories

Frendix tire accessories are designed to work seamlessly together with Frendix tire racks and stackers.

Get tires from the bottom level with the help of tire sack trolley.

With Frendix tire trolley you can easily move the set to the tire changing place.

Removable fork extensions bring safety to the handling of SUV tires.