Revolutionary Innolift changes the way of loading!

The original Finnish Innolift is a revolutionary van loader. Its specialty is that after loading, Innolift "climbs" in the vehicle. After transporting goods and Innolift, it's possible to unload and continue operation in the destination.

If you own Innolift, you do not need a tail lift, forklift, hand pallet truck, lifting boom or extra manpower. One man and Innolift are enough to do the work 10 times faster than other solutions.

Frendix at IAA fair in Hannover

Frendix's German representatives received aids from Finland for the 2018 "IAA Driving Tomorrow" fair. There were many people at the Frendix stand throughout the fair. Representatives from small and big companies were fascinated by Innolift. The number of direct sales was record high. The stand was very impressive. Special thanks to the German sales office!

7.8.2018 - Frendix Germany moved to new premises in Hamburg

Frendix's international sales network expands and develops. New offices will be opened and existing offices will be expanded and developed. The German office moved to the new bigger premises in Hamburg.

Frendix is present at the Hannover Fair from 20 to 27 September

INNOLIFT in use, Italy

Demonstration day starts in Japan

Exhibition photos from Chile

Portuguese end-user photo

INNOLIFT demonstration in Italy

India Warehousing and logistic exhibition 2016, Bombay

IMHX 2016, Birmingham, UK

Slovenian INNOLIFT end-user photo

Mid. American Trucking Show, Louisville, Kentucky 2016

Tokyo Exhibition, 2016

INNOLIFT, Tokyo Downtown