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We have manufactured tire storages in Finland for over 20 year and implemented many also in Sweden, Denmark and Japan. We started tire storage operations in Germany in 2020.

We always offer the most viable storaging solutions according to the needs of the customer. We start with determining the requirements for the tire storage for example the warehouse space, the sizes of the tires and the customers needs for their tire operations.

After that we choose the best tire racks, tire stackers and accessories according to the customers needs. We also recommend using the TireMANAGER -program that works best with Frendix products but is also available seperately.

Automatic Tire Storage System

Fit more tires in the same space with the help of movable racks. The electrical systems enables longer and higher racks.

Control your racks with your mobile phone or the touch screen panel and with a push of a button, open your chosen aisle just like that.

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More Information
Frendix half-automatic tire racks system.
Frendix tire management program TireMANAGER.

Tire Management program

With TireMANAGER – a tire management program you can take control of your tire storage with your mobile device or any other device like PC or tablet. The tire management program quides you to store tires based on their measurements and to fill the space optimally. You will never lose tires or run between the rack aisles quessing where to find the right tire sets.

Frendix tire stackers with camera helps to place tires on high levels.

Tire Stackers and Trucks for Every Need

Tire stackers and trucks work smoothly with all Frendix storage solutions and are manufactured in Finland with care.

Frendix stackers are designed primarily to withstand heavy use and are always selected to match the warehouse in which they are operated. Larger warehouses use a traction motor with a slightly larger turning radius, and tall warehouses use a camera to see exactly where the forks should be placed.

For all tire storages:

  • Warehouses with high racks
  • Warehouses with long dictances
  • For narrow rack aisles