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Your reliable partner for lifting and transport equipment, forklift trucks and storage facilities.

With over 20 years years of experience, we offer a wide range of innovative products for the transport and logistics sector. We offer solutions made in Finland of the highest quality, best ergonomics and we can help you find the most economical solutions, depending on the customer application. Read more about our tire storage solutions and how InnoLIFT will revolutionize your delivery chain! We are also happy to help you choose the best lifting equipment for your needs!

Innolift Frendix

The revolutionary transportable forklift for vans and light commercial vehicles that climbs inside with the cargo. Lift, load and deliver with no changes made to your vehicle.

Let us know your vehicle type, how much do you need to lift and we will help you choose the right model.

Frendix tire storage and tire manager

All Frendix TireSTORAGE solutions fit together. You can work faster when you don’t have to handle tires manually and you reduce your sick leave and overtime expenses. 

Easily manage the tire set placements from any of your devices. No more lost tires!

Frendix hand pallet trucks
Frendix semi electric stackers

We offer a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment including: Stackers, Hand Pallet Trucks & Power Pallet Trucks

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Head OfficeVierikatu 11, 04430 Järvenpää, Finland
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Check out a new tire stacker video

See Frendix tire stacker in action on our new video:

The stacker makes your tire warehouse operations fast and safe without manual handling of the tire sets.

You can find more tire storage related videos on our YouTube channel and you can now follow us on Twitter and Instagram as well as Facebook.

Successful launch at Modex, Atlanta

Last week’s Modex fair in Atlanta is now behind and Frendix returns to Finland with a positive attitude. There were a lot of interest regarding the tire storage with a good amount of potential customers. The Modex scene has inspired some future development ideas and Frendix is more than ready to start the tire storage business in the USA alongside the Innolift.

Frendix Tire Storage – Tire Racks

See our video for Frendix TireStorage with fixed racks that go up to seven levels. Fixed and vertical racks are an affordable investment for new tires and the high rack levels get the most out of the presented storage space.