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Tire Stackers and Trucks for Every Need

For All Warehouses

Tire Stackers for warehouses with high racks, with long dictances and for narrow rack aisles.


Frendix tire stackers are compatible with all Frendix tire storage solutions.

Made in Finland

The tire stackers are manufactured  from high quality parts in Finland at the factory in Jokela. Careful design and the holictic service and spare part selection guarantees long use.

The Main Types of Tire Stackers

Frendix tire stacker FXA.

FXA tire stacker

  • Max lifting height 4 600 mm (5 levels)
  • Manual use
  • For smaller warehouses
  • Small turning radius
  • Cost effective
  • Electric lift
Frendix tire stacker FXE.

FXE tire stacker

  • Max lifting height 6 700 mm ( 8 levels)
  • For high warehouses
  • Ergonomic
  • Fast
  • Pedestrian stacker
  • Overhead guard
Frendix tire stacker FXS.

FXS tire stacker

  • Max lifting height 6 700 mm (7 levels)
  • For long disctance warehouses
  • Very safe and fast
  • Top ergonomics
  • Stand on truck