A lime green TireSTORAGE text on the right and on the left a round blue and green logo with an white F in the middle.

Accessories and Tire Machines

Frendix tire accessories are designed to work seamlessly together with Frendix tire racks and stackers.

A closeup of two green forks on a machine with a light in between.

Extension Forks

Removable fork extensions bring safety to the handling of SUV tires.

Two green forks on a stacker with yellow extensions on them.
A green tire sack trolley with a tire set.

Tire Sack Trolley

Get tires from the bottom level with the help of tire sack trolley.

A metal tire trolley with a tire set.

Tire Trolley

With Frendix tire trolley you can easily move the set to the tire changing place.

Frendix Tire Stacker Accessories

A camera placed in between a stackers forks.


The camera is equipped with a light and it is placed on the forks to help place tires in warehouses with high racks. The camera option is available for the FXE and FXS tire stacker models.

A tire stacker display showing the tire racks with tires.


The display comes with the camera option and it is an easy way to train new warehouse workers to handle tires in warehouses with high racks.

A tablet on a tire stacker tablet holder showing a tire management program.

Tablet Holder

Thanks to the easy mobile use, the TireMANAGER -program goes with the stacker for example with a tablet holder.

A tire rack filled with tires and a tire stacker with an overhead guard.

Overhead Guard

An overhead guard is available for tire stackers. The guard brings more safety and reassurance to the tire handling.

Tire Machines

A tire machine.

Tire Machine

Max tire ø: 1 000 mm

Max tire width: 340 mm

Rime size (inner): 12″-24″

Rim size (outer): 10″-22″

A green tire balancing machine.

Tire Balancing Manchine

Max tire balance: 75 kg

Max tire ø: 1120 mm

Rim ø: 8″- 35″

Rim width: 590 mm

A green car lift.

Car Lift

Lifting hight: 112-1900 mm

Capacity: 3 000 kg

Lift time: 55 s