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Privacy Policy



According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR, the administrator of the registry must inform clearly and transparently about the processing of personal data. In this privacy statement, we describe the information collected by Frendix Oy, how the information is gathered on our websites and what information is gathered from the Frendix website user.

The Gathered information will be used

  • to develop our operations and customer service
  • to improve product sales and marketing
  • to implement a successful user experience
  • to provide a clear and easy-to-use service

Registery admistrator and contact details

Who is collecting the data?

Frendix Oy (VAT number: FI21689978)

Vierikatu 11, 04430 Järvenpää, Finland


How to contact us with privacy policy issues:

Frendix Oy

Tel.: 010 821 0700, email: info(at), website:

What information do we collect?

1) Unidentified information

The data is derived from analytics and information related to the user of the Frendix websites cannot be linked to a specific user or person, such as:

    • Operating system and browser version
    • System language
    • Device (PC or mobile)
    • An indicative estimate of the user’s geographical location
    • The page on which the user first arrived on the site
    • Pages visited and user progress on the site
    • Time spent on the site and the total duration of the session


2) Personal information (only provided by the user)

Information provided by the user or related information of the user

  • Identification information, such as a name
  • Contact information, such as address, e-mail address and phone number

The Data source and handlers

The main source for personal information is the user him/herself. In addition to which Frendix may obtain additional information from our partners, such as transportation providers.

Only Frendix Oy’s own employees have access to customer data. Each of our staff has access to the customer information only as it is necessary to perform work tasks.

The personal information connected with the order is used for: communications related to the order, the maintenance and the customer relationship purposes. When placing the order, the user consents to the transfer of personal data to third parties necessary for the delivery of the order, such as transport services.

The information will not be disclosed to other third parties unless otherwise provided by law.

The information provided is only used for Frendix Oy’s after-sales marketing purposes. Information is never sold, exchanged or passed on to others.

Google services such as Analytics and Ads are used for gathering analytics, marketing purposes and to improve our operations and customer service.

Exercise of rights

You can request the correction or deletion of personal information about you by contacting Frendix Oy.

The request must be sufficiently identified for us to verify your identity. We will notify you if we are unable to comply with your request in some respects, such as deleting any information that we have a legal obligation to retain (such as accounting information) or a right to retain.

If you find that the processing is deficient or illegal, you have the right to complain to the data protection authority.

Can this privacy statement be changed?

Due to the development of the services and changes in legislation, we reserve the right to change the privacy statement. Significant changes to the privacy statement will be announced on our website when the terms are updated.