A lime green TireMANAGER text on the right and on the left a round blue and green logo with an white F in the middle.

Tire Management Program

Check the status of your warehouse any time, any where

Use TireMANAGER on all devices. Check from your phone the status of your warehouse when you need.

Find the right place for tires right away

TireMANAGER quides to place tires based on size so for example the smaller tires don’t take up the limited space for larger tires.

TireMANAGER as part your system

TireMANAGER can be intergrated as part of an existing system and that way there is no need to log in to several programs. Use the TireMANAGER along side your familiar system.
A mobile phone with a view of TireMANAGER a tire management program.
A tablet with a view of TireMANAGER tire management program.
A laptop with a view of TireMANAGER a tire management program.
A mouse, a keyboard and a PC monitor with a view of TireMANAGER a tire management program.
A phone's screen view matches the tire places behind it.

A mobile phone view of your warehouse with the tire racks and registration numbers.

TiraMANAGER is available with or without Frendix tire storage solutions

In the tire management program, the tires are managed using a display and a registration number. The view of the racks in the program is exactly the same as in your warehouse, and thanks to the real time view, you don’t have to rush between shelves in vain. The tire set is stored on its place using the registration number. Under the tire set place, you can gather information about the tires (for example, whether they are winter or summer tires, studs or friction, etc.). The program guides for optimized and safe tire placement according to the tire sizes so that all the space in the warehouse can be utilized effectively and handling of the tires is more safe.



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Tire Management

1. Enter the tire size numbers in the search field

2. TireManager shows the appropriate location for the selected tires

3. Enter the tires into the TireManager and take them to the their place

TireMANAGER features

Manage new and customer tires
Location search by tire size
Mobile use
Versatile tire data
Extensive storage state reports
Tire labels with QR code
Maintenance booking
Email and SMS marketing
Multi-warehouse handling
Tire transport management
On the left is a blue F and a white card with text hanging from a green ribbon and on the right a man is hunched over holding a mobile phone and a tire depth scanner.

Frendix TM Mobile And A Modern Tire Label

Frendix TireMANAGER Mobile is an application for editing tire informations and reading Frendix Tire Tags on your mobile phone.

From TM Mobile, you can edit tire sizes, make the seasonal changeover for tires and select a place for the tire set from your warehouse by reading the Tire Tag with your phone. The app doesn’t require a log in.

With Frendix Tire Tag you no longer have to order new tire labels again and again for every season, when you can use one tag for one car’s summer and winter tires when the customer comes for the tire change and tire hotel services. Saving the tire information needs to be quick, especially during the busy tire change season. The Tire Tag is a helpfull tool to improve your operations.

Tire Depth Scanner and TireMANAGER

A hand using a tire depth scanner on a tire placed on tire rack.

Save precise tire data straight to the TireMANGER

With SigmaVision’s handheld scanner you can quickly measure the depth of your tires and create 3D images of them.

  1. Read the QR code on the tire label with your phone and measure the depth on your tires. You can measure the entire inventory without stopping.
  2. The scanner and Frendix TireManager work seamlessly together. The scanner data is stored in TireManager.
  3. You can send a comprehensive tire report directly to your customers as a mass message or print a report at checkout during maintenance work.
A report with measurements for distance, two car shape outlines and a 3d image of a tire.

After scanning you can find optimal braking distance and 3D images of your tires from TireManager.