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Tire Racks for All Warehouses


All the elements fit perfectly together and are easily modified. Frendix solutions bring efficiency, safety and reliability to our customers’ tire storaging. All the elements are CE marked.

Optimized Use of Space

Get the most out of your storage space cost effectively with the help of Frendix elements and customized solutions. Use TireManager – a tire handling program to place your tires optimally without wasting space.

Without Manual Handling

Handle your tires quickly, safely and ergonomically without any need to touch them by hand thanks to compatible Frendix elements. We believe that satisfied workers create a good environment where they work harder and are more loyal to their employer. Happy workers also keep the customers coming back for good service.

Fixed tire racks

Frendix tire warehouse fixed racks.

Tire Set Racks

Good fit for warehouses with a high roof. Four tires are stacked horizontally on the racks for easier handling. Work quickly, safely and more ergonomically without touching the tires by hand.

Frendix tire-warehouse combi racks.

Combi tire racks

Place truck and car tires on the same racks for flexible and versatile storaging.

Fredix tire warehouse tires stored upright.

Vertical tire racks

Place tires vertically next to each other. Vertical tire racks are an affordable investment for new tires.

Movable tire racks

Get the maximum benefit from your space in small warehouses. Handle tire sets without manually touching the tires quickly and safely.

Frendix tire-warehouse movable racks.


Movable racks opened with a crank the same way archive shelves are operated.

The tires are stacked horizontally and handling of the tire sets is quick and easy.

Frendix tire-warehouse electrically movable tire racks.


The movable racks open electrically with a push of a button from the panels placed at the ends of the aisles.

The tires are stacked horizontally and handling of tires sets is quick and easy.

Frendix half-automatic tire racks system.

Half-Automated Movable Rack System

Fit more tires in the same place when the electrically movable racks enable longer and higher tire racks. This systems is best fit for large warehouses.

Open and close rack aisles with a push of a button from the touch screen panel, mobile devices or manually at the end of the aisles. Pretedermined accelaration speed for the racks and the light curtain emergency stop switch prevent accidents form happening.

Tire Rack Technical Details

Rack TS6

Ø = 620 mm

D = 200 mm

Rack TS7

Ø = 700 mm

D = 235 mm

Rack TS8

Ø = 800 mm

D = 300 mm