TireManager - A Tire Warehouse Management Program

(Former HMS)

“The program is very easy to use and no one has had any problems with it. Before Frendix HMS one person was looking for lost tires almost half a day during tire changing season.”

Jari Kantelinen

Maintenance Manager, Autotalo Hartikainen

“The ease of the use and usability of Frendix HMS have been praised by our users. The tire ordering process has been clarified and improved.

Frendix HMS has significantly improved our logistics. The old model needed many e-mails, texts and calls, and now the offices handle the same thing independently.

Before we did our tire logistics in Excel, where work phases were repeated in vain. The current model has accelerated the process and made it more reliable.”

Jani Pernu

Field Director, Hertz

“Internal logistics have been accelerated and relieved considerably. Over 90% of our staff uses the software on mobile devices, so any entries in the program can be performed regardless of location.

The system suggests suitable places based on the size of the tires, so we do not have to think about do the tires fit for that place. In this way, the controllability is improved, the running back and forth is reduced. Mobile usability supports this tremendously.”

Teemu Lindroos

Spare Part Manager, Toyota Kaivoksela

Tire Warehouse